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How our processes work:

Buyer Persona Research and Market Investigation

After learning about your sales processes and which audiences your business is targeting, our expert researchers will begin their own investigation and discovery process to learn everything we can about your audience to build deep "buyer personas."

And these aren’t those lame “Marketing Mary” buyer personas that have a bunch of useless generic details, either. Our research is based on the same firmographic criteria you use to prospect and disqualify leads, and analyze dozens of social media profiles and job postings matching your most valuable customers to determine what tone and keywords will resonate best with them.

Your prospects will feel like you took the time to research them and send a thoughtful personal note, even though you’re really sending a mail merge to thousands of people.

The Human's Guide to Cold Email

Ever wonder how you can write an email template that sounds like a one-one message that's actually a mass email going to thousands of people?

In this actionable and entertaining guide, we explain how to correctly research your buyer persona, and how to leverage these insights to create laser-focused email templates that always get responses.

Read about how we "reverse engineer" emails to create templates that still feel personalized at scale

Developing Highly Personalized Email Templates

Once we've researched your buyer personas to the point we feel we can almost read their minds, we're ready to start writing your email templates, but not before then. In order to create both effective and scalable email templates, we must uncover the exact pain points and desires that will resonate with at least 80% of your audience.

Our emails are so successful because we marry data science with great copywriting.

While almost anyone can write a great one-off email with enough time and training, no one has been as obsessed as we have been with finding the "Pareto optimal point" between personalization and email volume. This is why we can write email templates that can work about 80% as well as those carefully crafted "one-off emails," while being sendable to thousands of sales prospects, instead of just one person.

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SalesFolk copywriters are industry experts, including:

  • Attorneys and corporate lawyers that enjoy dabbling in persuasive writing
  • Science and engineering PhDs that want to sharpen their business communication skills
  • Senior engineers that love the challenge of distilling complicated technical features into crystal clear concepts
  • Former and current sales and marketing leaders that are passionate about cold email
  • Top recruiters that want to further sharpen their own email skills
  • Experienced business development professionals that ran partnerships for fast-growing Silicon Valley startups
  • Startup superstars that became "digital nomads," working remotely as consultants
  • Seasoned journalists and freelance writers that need to make some extra money
  • Architects with crazy-good attention to detail
  • Consultants and coaches that own their own businesses

Building A Scalable Sales Solution That's Right For Your Business

You don't have to wait to hire and train more salespeople to scale your sales revenue.

We'll help you develop scalable processes that help you get more from your existing sales efforts so you don't waste leads and burn through your market.

We've helped more than 470 companies get better results from their outbound sales programs. While nailing the right messaging is crucial to making our clients successful, different sales organizations require different sales strategies. That's why we NEVER use cookie-cutter methods or generic canned messaging. Whenever taking on a new client, we always make time to review their existing processes and analyze marketplace conditions to determine how we can get them the best results possible.

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